Become a Merchant seller

How it works

Seller only merchants will be made up of businesses that possess large quantities of metal waste and that are looking to sell for the best price. These Merchants will be made up of the likes of demolition companies, waste management companies and other organisations.

As a registered merchant, you will be able to list and sell large quantities of metals on our online auction platform and actively trade with scrap dealers all over the country to gain the best prices possible.

The ScrapBays app will give sellers of the app an efficient channel to sell their metals for the best price possible.

How to onboard today…

1. Click the link

Onboard through our web app

2. Create your account

Provide us with basic information and go through our KYC onboarding to verify who you are and add your business information.

3. Begin trading

You’re all set. Now all you have to do is add your first listing.

ScrapBays mobile app
The App for Scrap

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