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About Us

Finally, a Digital Platform That Moves The Industry Forward

Every industry has improved its efficiency, level of competition and market transparency through the introduction of digital platforms and online marketplaces; RightMove for the housing market, Deliveroo for the takeaway market, AutoTrader for the car market. However, the scrap metal industry is not so much.

For every level of scrap trading, whether it's an electrician to local buyer, or a multi-site dealer selling to the docks, there is no hiding that there are restrictions on market accessibility, a level of vulnerability when selling to someone new and a lack of efficiency. 

ScrapBot - showing the merchant app

Introducing ScrapBays

A few platforms have tried to eliminate some of these factors. However, none have combatted all three. Until, ScrapBays. 

ScrapBays offers a platform that not only gives you full visibility and accessibility to the market of scrap metal available at any one time but it gives you the ability to trade safely and securely giving you full reassurance when buying and selling with new partners. 

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"The Scrap Revolution"

With industries such as the Steel industry going Green the scrap metal trade is set for a boom and investors need to “ready themselves for the scrap revolution”, said Nick Pickens, research director for global mining at consultancy Wood Mackenzie, last year. 


The global demand for steel scrap was estimated at between 620mn and 630mn tonnes in 2022 and is projected to surge nearly 1.6 times to 1,000-1,020mn tonnes by 2050 as steel decarbonisation picks up pace, according to Wood Mackenzie. This is just one sector of the metal recycling industry that is set to grow. 

The Scrap Metal Revolution
Market Accessibility



An online auction platform with all of the buyers and sellers under one roof allows your to tap into the wider market at a touch of a button.



All financial transactions are facilitated by Stripe, ensuring end-to-end encryption protection; funds are held in an escrow-like account and only released upon mutual satisfaction of both parties.



Throughout the auction and exchange process supportive documentation is required to ensure full transparency for both parties.

About Our Business

Whether you are a demolition or waste management company looking to dispose of you scrap, a scrap dealer looking to buy large quantities from smaller scrap dealers or a plumber looking to sell a copper tank the platform guarantees you the best price possible in the most efficient time. 


With one of the four founders being a scrap metal dealer themselves and over 50 years experience in the industry it has been focused since beginning this journey that we create a platform that is easy to use and user friendly. 


The platform is initially being introduced to London and then the South East before a nationwide roll out over the course of the next 6-12 months. The team behind ScrapBays are well equipped to ensure that all users are not only made aware of the app but are educated to optimise the benefits of the platform. 

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